Friday, February 23, 2007

February 23 - The Team Worked Hard

I caught them all at breakfast sitting down together eating. Every other day some members of the team seemed to be involved in activities that precluded everyone gathering at the table at the same time.Today was different and was nice to see them together.

After devotions in the Prayer Garden, Linda, Joel, Abby and Frieder went directly to Beach Street and began moving the waterlogged and putrid remnants thrown from a house now being renovated and placed them in a dumpster. It was very emotional for them as there were personal papers, school progress reports, photographs and other belongings that were evidence of the life this family led "before the storm". Now here they sat, rotting along side the street and being thrown into the dumpster. It was hard work, as the dumpster as across the road and it required that you step up on a chair to dump your bundle of garbage into the dumpster. Piece after piece, arm load by armload they cleared the mountainous pile of rubble.

They finished the pile and by 2:00 PM were on their way to the beach.

Kyle, Greg, Frank, Ben, Casey and Mark went to Eddie Jones' house to begin laying tile, replacing a window, setting a counter top and kitchen sink, and hanging a utility closet door. Kyle and Greg got Frank, Ben and Casey started on the tile, while Mark wrestled with the window. After the tile looked to be going in well, Kyle and Greg moved over to Gretchen's house on 15th Ave to lay a tile floor in her dinning room.

They later returned to help the crew at Eddie's.

It was a good deal of work for the day, the bag lunches were welcomed at noon time and the team at Eddie Jones' house was still trying to stop a pesky leak in the sink drain at 5:30 PM. It was almost 6:00PM before they arrived back at the armory to turn in their tools and unused materials.

The plan was to eat dinner then a 7:00 PM Frank was going to hold communion for the team.

After unloading the van at the Armory I left the team and went out to dinner at a place I had noticed while on my bike ride the day before. It was Darwell's at 120 1st Street in Long Beach. What drew my attention yesterday was the smoker and I had stopped to get a drink of iced tea. At that time I met Dale Darwell and spent a couple minutes learning of his smoking process and he promised if I came back for dinner it would be the best barbecued pork sandwich I had ever tasted. He used only the pork tenderloin and smoked it to perfection.

Well he was right about the sandwich and there was another surprise, the pork n' beans were home made with chunks of smoked pork. Out of this world.

Tonight I asked Dale how long he had been open, he replied, "six weeks before the storm" and sarcastically added "we timed it just right".

"Before the Storm" or "Since the Storm" or "After the Storm", it has become a way to reference time down here on the Gulf Coast.

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